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Credit Card Features

ScoreCard® Rewards

We want you to get the most out of your credit union membership. Now just by using your Finger Lakes FCU VISA Credit Card or Debit Card you will earn points that you can redeem for top name brand merchandise and more with every dollar you spend thanks to our new ScoreCard® Rewards program. There is nothing extra you need to do!  With your Finger Lakes FCU VISA Credit or Debit Card you are automatically enrolled in our free ScoreCard® Rewards program. 

Earn points when you use your FLFCU card to make every day purchases. You can then accumulate points and redeem them for:

  • Top name brand items
  • Vacation getaways
  • Airfare, hotel and car rentals
  • Valuable services
  • And more

How it Works

If you already have a FLFCU VISA Credit or Debit Card, there is nothing you need to do. Use your card to start earning rewards today. Online ordering is available 24/7 and shipping is free. Expedited shipping is available at an additional point cost. View the PDF of FAQs regarding the ScoreCard® program.

Don't have a FLFCU VISA Credit Card? The time to apply for a FLFCU VISA Credit Card is now. Need a FLFCU Debit Card? Contact us or stop by a branch near you. Combine the benefits of low rates with the perks of ScoreCard® Rewards

Using Your ScoreCard Points

To keep track of your points go to the ScoreCard® Rewards website and create your own unique login. There you can combine points with other members of your family, check out current promotions that can earn you extra points and choose your rewards. Click the button below to login today.

ScoreCard Rewards

ScoreCard® Rewards Support


Open 24/7 (except federal holidays)

ScoreCard® Rewards Travel Services


Mon-Fri 9 AM - 9 PM

Sat-Sun 9 AM - 5 PM

FLFCU’s Visa Debit and Credit cards include the security of EMV Chip Technology.

It's More Secure!

  • Unlike cards only secured by magnetic strips, EMV Chip enabled cards are very difficult to duplicate, making your card even more protected.

It’s Easy To Use!

  • More and more retailers are becoming equipped with EMV enabled terminals and as they make their conversions you and your Finger Lakes FCU EMV card will already be ready!
  • Simply insert the card into the terminal and follow the instructions
  • Depending on the retailer you may be prompted to input your PIN or authorize the transaction with a signature.

VISA Purchase Alerts

The more control you have over your finances, the more secure your money stays. We’d like to introduce you to a whole new functionality for your Finger Lakes FCU debit and credit cards. It has the power to keep you “in the know” about all the purchase activity on your cards. The best part? You are in complete control of which messages you receive and how your receive them.

You are in control because your Credit Union card is now optimized for Visa Purchase Alerts. This is a free, opt-in only service for our members. When you opt-in for Visa Purchase Alerts, you can choose to receive either email, SMS text message alerts, or both. 

Members can sign up for Visa Purchase alerts on Then, cardholders can establish certain alert triggers. Anytime a qualified transaction takes place that meets the cardholders’ parameters, he or she will receive an alert in the form of an email, SMS text message, or both in a matter of minutes. Triggers include:

  • Individual transaction amount thresholds
  • International transactions
  • Card-absent transactions, such as telephone or online order


Through Visa Purchase Alerts, cardholders have the ability to:

  • Closely monitor their Visa credit, debit or prepaid accounts
  • Check for unusual transaction activity and/or track spending levels immediately
  • Take action at the first sign of potential fraud

Don’t wait! Keep your finances safe this holiday shopping season. You can enroll in Visa Purchase Alerts by setting up a secure account on the Visa website.

 Visa Purchase Alerts - Shop Empowered