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Bill Pay

Pay any bill you'd normally pay by check - phone company, cable company, etc. Pay anytime - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It's easy, there are no checks to write, no envelopes to address, and no stamps to buy!

Bill Pay is absolutely FREE! There are no additional charges to use Bill Pay for your personal accounts. So, why not sign up TODAY!

Fees may apply to certain premium services such as:

  • Zelle®
  • TransferNow
  • Expedited Payment Options

FLFCU offers eBills

If your biller can provide electronic statements, you will see an eBill icon next to their name in the biller list. eBills are free, simple, fast, and efficient! You can even have the system automatically make your payments by setting it up to pay the amount due on the bill. You also have the option to have it automatically pay the bill when the bill is received or on the due date. Your choice!


Bill Pay Tutorial Click Here