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Easy Ways to Check Your Account Balance

August 01, 2017


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FLFCU has been keeping up with the latest in financial technology to make managing your Credit Union accounts quick and simple! One of the many ways we work to make your life easier is by providing you with numerous ways to check your account balance without needing to call your local branch. This would be more convenient for as you would not have to deal with being placed on-hold during busy call times, and you’ll be able to access your account quickly.

 Online Banking- Setting up an online banking account at is an effective way of being able to access your account from your home computer. Our online banking site is easy to navigate and has lots of functionality, including account to account transfers, electronic bill pay, person to person payments through PopMoney, and even a personal finance manager.

The FLFCU Mobile App- If you need to check your account balance while you’re on the go, then download the FLFCU Mobile App on your smartphone. Our app has an Instant Balance functionality that you can enable, that allows you to check your account balances without requiring a password (all other functionalities are still password protected).  Our mobile app also gives you the ability to make account to account transfers and deposit checks, all from your Apple or Android device!

Audio Response System- If you prefer the peace of mind of calling in to receive your account balance, than consider utilizing our audio response system. Just call in at (315) 719-0142 with your account number and your pin (if you need assistance acquiring a pin number for Audio Response System, please ask one of our friendly Member Service Representatives), and you’ll be able to access information and balances on your checking and savings accounts, current loans, credit cards, and more.

ATM—If you have an FLFCU debit card, any ATM will also allow you to check your checking account and saving account balances at the terminal. Most ATM’s do not charge a fee for simply checking your account balance. So, if you are in public and near an ATM, and need to know how much money you have in your account, an ATM will be able to print a ticket displaying your current balance.