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Smartphone Payments Safer Than Chip Cards

June 30, 2017

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The next generation of VISA card payments has arrived at Finger Lakes Federal Credit Union in the form of mobile payments. Now, you can integrate your FLFCU Visa Debit and Credit Cards with your smartphone utilizing Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, or Microsoft Wallet! 

Mobile payments are the future of shopping and doing business. There is no doubt that paying with your smartphone is faster than paying with a chip card. All you have to do is tap and pay at the card terminal. Mobile payments are also more convenient. Have you ever gone through the checkout line at the grocery store only to realize too late that you had forgotten your wallet? Now, all you need to remember is your smart phone!

However, mobile payments offer more than just convenience. They are actually much safer to use than physical cards, including chip cards.

Smartphones with finger print scanners offer an extra level of security when used at the checkout register. They require you to use your fingerprint to verify the purchase before charging your card. Meaning that even if your smartphone is stolen, no one will be able to use your phone to make purchases because they won’t be able to confirm the purchase with a finger print. This is a level of security that physical cards cannot offer.

Every purchase made with your smartphone uses a unique “token.” Tokens are one-time authorizations that generate a unique account number per purchase. This token will never be duplicated. What does this mean? It means that the store or restaurant that you are patronizing will never receive your account information, including any personal information that could be stolen in a data breach. Merchants will not even receive your name or zip code.

Many popular merchants and restaurants are still in the process of adopting mobile payment technology, so you can’t ditch your physical card quite yet. However, the future of shopping will be through mobile payments. It makes sense—who doesn’t want the peace of mind of having extra security when shopping? FLFCU is excited to have adopted Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Microsoft Wallet as a payment option for all FLFCU debit & credit card holders. Your financial security is our top priority.

So what are you waiting for? Add your FLFCU Visa debit & credit cards to your digital wallet today! Learn more,